Commercial Kitchen Rental

As part of The Milton Schoolhouse Business Incubator

we are now offering separate rental of our commercial kitchen at Maeva's Coffee!

Whether you have a budding cupcake, kale juice, or baby food start up...or are simply looking for a place to get together with your family to do some major holiday cookie baking...we would LOVE to host you!

Our commercial kitchen is fully equipped with a six range gas stove, a traditional commercial gas oven, a commercial electric convection oven, an industrial bread proofer- plus over 50 sq ft of stainless steel table space and all of the cooling racks/wash stations/etc that make creating delicious products a breeze!

To inquire for availability, please email


Noncommercial/Family Use  - $100 per 2 hr block + $50 clean up fee


Commercial Use *- $200 per 3 hr block + $50 clean up fee

Commercial Full Day Rental* - 7 hours, $350 (clean up fee included)

Commercial Bulk Contract*- 21 hours, $630 (broken up into no more than 4 sessions, clean up fees included, all hours must be used with 3 months of purchase) 


On-Site Certified Food Sanitation Handler**- additional $20/hr or $60/day



*Must present FEIN to qualify

**In Madisen county, to sell food or beverage products commercially, either you, someone on your team, or someone from our kitchen who is a Certified Food Sanitation Handler MUST be present. We are not responsible for any industry specific permits your product may require according to city, county, state, or federal code. We are not liable for the quality or safety of the food or beverage products you produce while renting our space. 

All renters are required to sign a waiver of liability before kitchen use.