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Community Business Series: How to Successfully Crowd Fund!

Please note, due to an unexpected family commitment the time of this course has been changed to start at 6pm. 

Maeva’s Coffee is a community success story: built 100% through crowd funding and private investment. In October 2013, Maeva’s Coffee hosted the first successful crowd funded campaign in Alton- raising over $15,000 in 30 days and building support for the shop months before it opened.

By demand, Meredith Elliott will be hosting an in-depth crowd funding class between 6pm-9pm Sunday, April 19th at Maeva’s Coffee. If you’ve done research into crowd funding your next venture, you know the peak season for hosting a campaign is close at hand.

Before running a Kickstarter to fund Maeva’s Coffee, Meredith spent two months actively researching crowd funding, interviewing successful- and unsuccessful- campaign veterans, and planning Maeva’s launch. In this class, she will share her insight into the most common platforms and help you prepare for a launch into crowd funding.

This class will cover:

- Preparing your business or brand for a successful campaign

- Choosing a platform that is best for your personal goal

- Choosing the best time to run your campaign

- How to structure your campaign for the greatest amount of impact, both short and long term

- Building a movement to make your campaign a success

- Using your new exposure to create long-term support

This $40 class will run for 2 hours, to be followed by a 1 hour question and answer session.  Print materials and coffee will be provided.

After attending you will be able to: decide whether investing your time in a crowd funding campaign is right for your idea, how to increase your chances of success, and have a good rough idea of the time frame and process you’ll need to set up a solid campaign.

Class size is limited to 12 participants, reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.