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Gypsyesque Grand Opening Day!

Since you seem to want us to park the caravan here and stay for a while....we're throwing an informal gypsyesque grand opening day during business hours on Saturday Aug. 16th!

We may or may not have some things that may or may not be allowed for us to publicly announce...a local brew club may just be bringing kegs of coffee stout made with our blend to share (for free), you might see us light a big bonfire, and the hallways/shop may be a bit moody being lit by candlelight for live music and wandering fortune tellers.

If you're a musician- come join Joel, Phillip, and other random fun folks and jam with us throughout the day. We're using this day as a perfect summer excuse to dress up, dance, have fun, and do the things we love that might not be the "expected" things one would do while operate a coffee shop. Come have fun with us!