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Market! Market!

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Maeva's Coffee will be hosting an open neighborhood exchange inside the public hallway at The Milton Schoolhouse on Tuesday, Sept 13th from 5pm-8pm. Bring your art, goods, your garage sale stuff, your extra produce! Come mix, swap, and sell with your friends and neighbors!

VENDORS:   All types of art, crafts, produce, antiques, vintage wares, stuff, etc. is welcome. Due to health department constraints, PREPARED OR ASSEMBLED FOOD/BEVERAGE MUST HAVE PRIOR CLEARANCE (email: to request). 

Tables and table coverings are provided- you are welcome to bring a table covering if you please. Some stools/chairs are available. Wi-Fi from Maeva's is available for running phone-based credit processing apps. 

Set up and table claim BEGINS AT 4:30PM (no sooner). Tables are first come/first serve basis.

One table per person- each space is approximately 4x8' but may have slight variation. Tables may be reserved here: 

Tables may be reserved via cash/credit in Maeva's Coffee during business hours.