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Barista Basics: Part Two- The Perfect Milk

Maeva's Barista Trainer and Beverage Specialist Matthew Hebblethwaite leads this hands-on barista basics course. This training course is the same material used to train our own baristas in the foundational knowledge behind crafting quality beverages and is perfect for new baristas, baristas who wish to switch their employment from a commercial to craft coffee business, or those who wish to enhance the experience of their own coffee house by learning the dynamics of pulling quality beverages. This course assumes you have little to no experience using a manual/semi automatic machine and will be taught on our 2014 La Marzocco Linea PB using manual settings and our Mahlkonig K 30 Twin grinder. 


Part Two of this two part session covers the basics of milk steaming and texturing. No shot pulling will be covered in part two- please see Part One for the science of espressoIn this hands-on course, you will learn:

- a basic introduction to the components of milk and the science behind how its structure is changed with the addition of steam/heat

- the perfect temperature and stretch ratio for common cafe beverages

-the basics behind steaming and preparing beverages with common whole milk alternatives (skim, almond, soy)

- proper milk portioning for waste control

- lots of milk steaming practice


All product costs are covered in the registration fee. Session is limited to 5 participants to allow for machine experience. Limited one-on-one machine practice available immediately following the course.  

Reserved your space here or in shop at the counter of Maeva's Coffee:


For an additional 20 minutes of individual machine time guided by Matt, reserve here (only available with the purchase of Barista Basics, Part One or Two):