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Culinary Class: Don't Fear The Fungus




My mother and father are a formidable couple, raising two daughters on a shoe string and achieving the American “by your own bootstraps” dream of solid middle-class standing. Whatever life threw at them, they met with a united front…

…until it came time to order a pizza.

My dad was on the strict “no mushroom” side of the fence, having only been exposed the tasteless, slimy white buttons that come from a can. My mother, a mushroom lover, has tried for decades to coax him over with portabello, pearls, and trumpets to no avail.

What does my family tragedy have to do with this cooking class?

Well, if you love mushrooms, nothing. Just skip to the bottom of this page and reserve your spot, because this is going to be THE BEST AFTERNOON EVER!!

BUT if you’re on the fence, here’s your chance to not miss out on what is possibly the greatest and tastiest not-meat thing you’ll ever come across. If you’re living in fear of the fungus, it doesn’t have to be this way.


All right, let’s give you skeptics some room to respond…

(You) “I don’t like the texture!”

Texture of…what? Slimy mushrooms out of a can? That only proves you aren’t crazy- not that you don’t like mushrooms. In this class, I’ll show you my full-proof way of turning oyster mushrooms into tasty crispy bits of heaven that you won’t be able to stop eating.

(You) “I don’t like the dirty flavor!”

Dirty flavor? Have you been buying crappy mushrooms from the grocery and not washing them? Well then, yes, you’re going to have dirt in your shrooms. In this class, I’ll teach you the proper way to choose and prep your standard grocery store varieties so you don’t end up with sub-standard dirt flavored results.

(You) “It’s weird to eat fungus.”

Don’t give me the “it’s weird” excuse. Have you ever driven through Jack in the Box? Been to a 4th of July BBQ? Eaten anything produced by “Kraft”? Then you eat weird stuff all of the time. Calling your Aunt Pam’s Thanksgiving Broccoli Cheese Bake a ‘vegetable’ is weird.

It’s time to branch out.

(You) “Ok…so I what’s with this class?”

I’m glad you came around.

This is a Three Hour Afternoon Course that will introduce you to as many varieties of mushrooms as possible. We’ll learn both grocery-store types like Crimini (baby bellas), Shitake, and Trumpet, and well as some more farmer’s market specialties (don’t worry, we’ll introduce you to our local shroom hook up that we use at Maevas).

Mushrooms, like wines, have a huge variety of flavor depending upon what they are, how they were grown, and how they are prepared.

And, speaking of wine…did I mention it was included in this course?

Oh yeah, and leave room for lunch because after all that hands-on prep and cooking, you’ll learn how to make an AWESOME mushroom risotto that will win over anyone still on the “I don’t like mushrooms” train.

This is an EASY cooking class. All that’s required is that you come with an open mind and know how to use a knife without being a threat to yourself.

All of the materials are included in the cost of this course. Registration cost is $45/per person.

Class size is limited to 6 participants.

Recommended Tools (Not Required To Participate)

Sharp 4" or 6" Chef's Knife

Plastic Ware (just in case there’s leftovers)

Later Event: September 7
Maeva's Pop-up at Piasa Summer