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WANTED: Part Time Barista

Part-time, 3 days/wk. 15-25 hours per week with the possibility of transitioning to more hours in the summer if desired.

No barista experience necessary- we can train you to be awesome.

What you do need is a love for learning, a spirit of hospitality, and the ability to manage yourself independently. Most of our barista shifts are solo- that means, after you’re trained, we’re trusting our lovely shop to you.

After baristas are paid above minimum wage, with no one making less than $11/hr after tips.

As always, we are an equal opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate against age, nationality, ethnicity, religion, or anything else. Our main concern is that you’re a good person with a passion to learn. 


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Saying "yes" doesn't disqualify you if you're the right person in all other ways- we just want to know a little more about the circumstances surrounding that situation.